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Raising funds to bring shark conservation education to schools.

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Money raised from the sales of these items goes towards books & talks to schools, groups and clubs.

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Help us save as many shark species as possible.


Shark Education & Conservation

Sharktrooth is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to replacing fear with facts.Support us by buying our high-quality, original designs and helping spread the Sharktrooth! Money raised from the sales of these items goes towards funding shark talks to schools, groups and clubs. Order today - fast shipping!

Sharks are wonderfully complex, beautiful and surprising animals and deserve to be understood, not feared.Sharks were here 200 million years before the first dinosaur arrived and are older than trees! Despite this, in ONE GENERATION, humans have reduced shark numbers by almost as much as 90% in some species and many are in real danger of extinction.With your help, Sharktrooth can bring this message to as many people as possible, to change hearts and minds and stop the killing.

When you wear your Sharktrooth garment, you're not just looking cool, you're becoming a Shark Ambassador. When people see what you're wearing and ask you about it - you can tell them about the plight of sharks and ask them to get involved too.The more Shark Ambassadors spread the Sharktrooth, the more sharks we can save!

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Rapid Delivery

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